NEON: artificial humans created by Pranav Mistry at Samsung

Neon is an AI technology that introduces us to artificial virtual humans having their own personalities created by Pranav Mistry at Samsung STAR Labs.
Cinque Terre
Emroj Hossain
4 min read
Mon Mar 22 2021

Pranav Mistry, who was earlier known for sixth sense technology, has recently unveiled a group of "artificial virtual humans" called Neon at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). According to him "Neon is a virtual being. It's like your friend, your dear diary that you talk to. Why? It's not because you want to know about something, but you need a person to talk to". According to him, neon is a virtual entity having own personality that being build upon the interactions with people.

“Human will become more and more machines unless we make machines more like us as soon as possible”

Pranav Mistry

Technological aspects of Neon

Neon is built upon Core R3 platform. In general, a machine learning algorithm needs lots of training data to recognizing an object or to perform any other intelligent task. The core R3 platform is pre-trained on human behaviours such as look, gesture, movements of human, etc. As a result, Core R3 is a powerful engine that helps to customize Neon according to a particular human with very less interaction and very less amount of training. It can also create original looking Neon out of that.

The business model for Neon

Instead of selling the Neon the company plans to make Neon available for the companies or people to use Neon as the subscription. But they will not be allowed to customized the features of Neon according to their wish.

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